Shimano Spin Reel Clam Review

As an office we set out to Gabon, Africa for a team building fishing tour last April. I had a fishing spin reel at my house but I had never found a chance to try it. So, I decided to take it along and experience the spin.

Shimano Spin Reel Clam really amazed me. It is the best spin reel clam I have ever bought and owned. I even regretted keeping such a beautiful equipment just lying around in my house.

Shimano Spin Reel Clam is made with simplicity. I found using it very easy and convenient. For the first time something that could resist the reactions of salty ocean water. As a person who has grown to like fishing games, I can attest to its authenticity.

Shimano company, I must say they really know their way around making their products. Good quality and very comfortable fishing spin reel to use.

Graphite design

If I compare Shimano Spin Reel Clam with others, I find it better than the rest. Do you know many of its features are made of graphite which makes it ideal for gaming? From the spool, rotor, sideplate to frame are made of graphite. No more wondering why I said it is easy to use. Here is the proof, the graphite makes it smooth. A smooth spool, rotor, sideplate and frame makes fishing fun!

Rear drag

The rear drag is the most vital part of the Shimano Spin Reel Clam. This what makes the spin reel clam special. Anyway we all understand that a fishing reel with a weak rear drag is so useless.

Shimano Spin Reel Clam

The rear drag is so strong in that it is able to with hold the pressure exerted on the reel by the fish and also properly controls the line from snapping or breaking when the fish is fighting.

Quality bearing

The bearing also is an added bonus feature to the Shimano Spin Reel Clam. The ball bearings are very efficient in reducing the friction between the moving parts of a spin reel. My spin reel clam has several ball bearings and makes the fishing adventure more fun because the reel moves nice and smooth. Someone once told me that the greater the bearings, the merrier the fishing.

Powerpro lines

The fishing lines are strongly braided to last longer. Do you know you can adjust the tightness and the smoothness of the lines? Now you know. That is what makes them powerpro.

The lines are also fluorocarbon to facilitate their stability, strength and also accommodate the pressure by the fish. In addition the lines are also long enough to cover as many yards as possible.

Corrosion free

I also came to notice that the graphite used to create this Shimano Spin Reel Clam makes it less corrosive. The salty waters in Gabon could not harm my fishing reel.

That is also one of the reasons why the fishing spin reel clam has lasted this long because it is October and the reel operates as good as new. I assure you it is totally fabulous.


  • Good quality
  • Easy to use
  • Light in weight
  • Reversible spin
  • Long lasting spin reel


  • Inefficient for very heavy fishing

Frequently asked questions

Q: what is the exact line capacity ofShimano Spin Reel Clam?

A: Shimano Spin Reel Clams have different line capacities of 6/170, 8/120, 10/100

Q: You mean to say that this is the small size?

A: yes, it is actually standard size fishing spin reel clam

Q: can the Shimano Spin Reel Clam be used in fresh water?

A: yes, definitely but it was majorly created for salty water. So just give it a try.

Final Verdict

Everyone around us has been talking about the awesomeness of the shimano products. Many are still talking and more will. I urge you to purchase Shimano Spin Reel Clam now and join us in celebrating the spin reel.

It is very affordable, very light to carry around and very easy to use. How it operates it is outstanding. Even the waters do not threaten it’s performance.

Shimano Spin Reel Clam is the ‘in’ thing. If you staunch fishing gamer knows perfectly well what he or she wants, now that’s quality.

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