Penn Battle II Spinning Reel Review

While planning a family fishing trip to Iceland, I realized that the spinning reels we had had weakened and therefore I had to purchase new and better spinning reels.

I decided to conduct an intense research on spinning reels and found out Penn Battle II Spinning Reels were the best selling. I bought them quite economically and went ahead on the trip.

I really thought that Penn Battle II Spinning Reel was the best reel instead it was more than best. It just deserves its own quality description. It is distinctively designed for high performance. It is actually very simple though some people think it is complicated because it is made of metal.

For a long time we have been struggling to use corrosive reels, but I can assure you can put that behind you.

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel has given me another perspective in fishing….it also made my family’s trip memorable.

Metal body

One of the things that attracted me to buying Penn Battle II Spinning Reel was the fact that it made of metal. Not necessarily the whole body, there are a few parts made of plastic.

Penn Battle II Spinning ReelThe fact that it is made of metal doesn’t strip it the advantage of being efficient. Infact it makes it authentic, durable and strong. The sideplate and rotor have been separated for easy fixing incase one of them stops working unlike other fishing reels that you can’t fix.


The bearing counts to approximately six. It means that Penn decided to cut the bearing cost without affecting the performance of the reel. The bearings also reduced the weight of the spinning reel.

I like fishing especially with Penn Battle II Spinning Reel because it rotates nicely and smoothly especially when you add the oil on the bearings. I prefer it over other fishing reels since it is more strong and reliable.

Carbon fiber drag washers

Another breathtaking feature of the Penn Battle II Spinning Reel is the carbon fiber drag washers. Now, this what makes the Penn Battle II Spinning Reel dominate other reels.

The HT-100 versa drag washers have been put into the spool to allow the both sides of each drag washer to be utilized evenly. These washers are greased with Penn’s grease for smooth start up, maximum drag and more range.


Unlike other spinning reels which are reversible, Penn Battle II Spinning Reel is interesting because it is designed for instant anti-reverse. I noticed that it is anti-reversed for heavy fishing. to be able withstand big fish weight and last longer.

The smaller models have added anti-reverse switch that will enable you to activate anti-reverse. Without the switch anti-reverse is impossible.

Heavy duty aluminum bail wire

I like Penn Battle II Spinning Reel because it is heavy duty. While in Iceland I didn’t have to worry about the weight of the heavy fish. The aluminium bail wire is strong enough for that purpose.

Another fascinating fact about the bail wire is that the fish follow it, it literally attracts the fish. Not the other way around that we are used to aiming at the fish. Penn Battle II Spinning Reel makes fishing easier.


  • Better range
  • Smooth performance
  • Durable
  • Suitable for heavy fishing
  • Great line capacity


  • It is quite heavy

Frequently asked questions

Q: Penn Battle II Spinning Reel be used in salty water too?

A: it is suitable for both salty and fresh water use.

Q: is Penn Battle II Spinning Reel suitable for a fishing starter?

A: It is relatively easy to use, just master its parts and know how they operate and you will be good to go.

Q: do the Penn Battle II Spinning Reels have a constant line capacity?

A: the spinning reels differ in size consequently the line capacity differs too because the line capacity depends on the size of the reel.

Final Verdict

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel metal body is non-corrosive, say goodbye to the myth that metals are corrosive. Besides that, the spinning reel is relatively simple and smooth.

Purchase it now and enjoy its durability. Remember just because I used it in iceland where the water is fresh it doesn’t mean you cannot use it in salty water.

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