Garmin Echo 551dv Review

Garmin has again achieved above expectation with this device. It is, in all honesty, one of the most above average of devices in the market.

As far as fishfinders go this one beats all other competitors, and it’s not even close. Garmin has always been known to make the best products out there so it was quite inevitable that this fishfinder would be good and even better than good.

They threw all their efforts into making this device stand out, and they did it perfectly. I was actively looking for a fish finding device when I came across this one.

I had known other Garmin devices before so I was quite sure that the quality would be unmistakable. Nevertheless, I took it to look it up more closely and what I found was more than pleasing.

Below are some of my findings outlined as features which truly make this device as good as or maybe even better than most other fish-finders.

Advanced Transducer

Initially, when I found out that this transducer can be able to accept and work with three types of technologies, I was unconvinced. It was one of the reasons I bought the device: to prove the truth of this assertion.

The truth was proved soon enough. It supports the three kinds of technologies: broadband beam, sonar technology, and downvu technology for the clearest pictures and most accurate distance readings.


In the matter of displaying data from underwater sweeps, this device is one of the most advanced out there. There is a more than advanced VGA display they is endowed with amazing pixel rate for all these displays.

As we have already said, the distinction is usually made between bottom structure which might include things like weeds and actual sea creatures.

Results can be displayed either vertically or horizontally on the screen depending on the preference of the user and depending on the dimensions of the image.

Garmin Echo 551dv

Smooth Scaling

Smooth scaling technology solves one of the most annoying problems that fishing people usually face. The change of depth during the fishing process is sometimes automatic and happens upon the fisherman without warning.

Without smooth scaling technology distance relaying would be interrupted and be intermittent at best. Smooth scaling makes sure that distances are continually relayed even when depth changes suddenly. This makes for easy and stress-free fishing.

Auto Gains Technology

Fish aren’t the only things that one is likely to find underwater. There are weeds and lots of other clutter.

The presence of auto gain technology solves this problem by eliminating the pull of distraction and enables the focusing on the actual targets. These targets are rendered in clearer images, and there is no clutter to interfere. This ensures easy fishing.

Sonar History Saving

There is a feature in this device that enables the saving of sonar data. All the data collected on a fishing trip is saved and can be retrieved and reviewed at will.

By this data a user can learn to improve their technique or the same data can be shared with other like-minded people and the results of different fishing trips analyzed.


  • Amazing depth reading.
  • Sonar can be reminded at will.
  • Transducer has temperature sensing capability
  • Quality displays for clear imaging.
  • Horizontal and vertical viewing possible


  • Doesn’t have GPS and chart-plotting capabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: The battery on the 551dv should last quite a while before needing a recharge or replacement as the device has not very many needs for power. There are claims that the battery can last for months, and I think they are true.

Q: Can it function at high boat speeds?

A: It has ultra-scroll a good feature for targeting boats at high speeds in the water.

Q: Is the transducer attached to the main body?

A: No, it comes separately and has to be attached at the time of use before it is functional.

Final Verdict

It is one of those devices about which there is almost nothing negative to say about it. All the features are well done and have a good functioning capacity that should delight every user.

The ability to save sonar data is what did it for me, and made me acknowledge it as one of the best.

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