Garmin Echo 301 dv Review

Garmin is one of the more reputable companies out there, and they have been in the business of making quality devices for the longest time possible.

There are many great fishfinders out there for fish finders are some of the most in demand marine products out there. It was one of the first fish finders I had the good fortune to encounter, and it was just as good.

This device taught me so much about fishing that I cannot begin to explain. It has been a faithful companion through thick and thin. In reviewing it, I am talking from the deepest part of my heart.

There have been other fishfinders from Garmin, many that claim to have more advanced features but my affinity for this one product of theirs prevents me from devoting my loyalty to any other brand.

Below I will get into the Features of this awesome device. It is important that these features be studied diligently and at the very least thoroughly understood. They will help a buyer understand better the device before buying it.

Underwater Viewing Technology

There is a technology incorporated into this device called downvue which makes the viewing of underwater places much easier. Underwater viewing is not strictly speaking the job of a sonar reader.

The sonar reader deals only in sound. The new Garmin, however, utilizes a different sort of technology to make underwater viewing a possibility. And then it goes a step further and combines downvue with the traditional sonar for perfect images that include sound.

HD- ID Technology

This is a usual feature in all Garmin devices. When sonar readings are relayed it most of the time is difficult to tell whether the relayed readings are fish or maybe just other marine features.

The chances of success while fishing is highly improved when the device can be able to accurately point out fish. This is the purpose of this technology as it makes the identification of fish easier.

Garmin Echo 301 dv

Temperature And Speed Sensors

The transducer can sense the temperature of water. Water temperature is an important factor when determining the speed of sound underwater. The temperature will affect the speed of sound in significant ways. And this impacts on the accuracy of readings obtained.

Speed sensors are also added to the transducer. The speed determined is the speed of the moving fishing vessel and through these readings accuracy of the targets underwater is determined.

Upgrade Possibilities

This Garmin device can handle upgrades. Transducers are the primary working part in all marine devices such as this one. There are many different kinds of transducers other than the one provided on the fishfinder.

This fishfinder can accommodate different types of transducers which perhaps have different properties from the transducer provided on the fishfinder. This enables the device to be used for different purposes, and this makes it

Good Display

The display on this device is a classic TFT monitor. It comes with 256 display colors, more than enough for clear pictures. With downvue underwater viewing is made possible.

Having all these features displayed clearly on a TFT screen is the thing that makes this device a true winner. Screen resolution is 320 by 240 pixels, another plus that makes visibility even better.


  • The detachable transducer, able to be replaced by a stronger transducer.
  • The transducer has temperature and speed sensors.
  • HD-ID Technology Enables easier fish detection.
  • Easy underwater viewing due to the downvue technology.
  • Fantastic display with 256 colors.


  • The detachable mount is made of cheap plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the transducer used in this device?

A: It is a Transform mount and also it is a rolling motor type of transducer.

Q: What is the optimum depth that can be achieved with this device?

A: With down-scanning technology depths of 1750ft can be reached. Without down-scanning lesser depths are possible.

Q: What is the Transmit power of the device at full range?

A: Transmit power is 300 Watts/ RMS. This does not waver or shift even when the full range of the device cannot be reached for any reason. This makes the device usable even at low power.

Final Verdict

The 301dv is undoubtedly an industry leader. It comes with a variety of characteristics for added functionality. All details provided proof the superiority of this device over others.

Any fisherman worth his salt will do well to have this device as one of his main devices. I got mine and have never regretted it, and I would proudly recommend it.

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