Daiwa Crossfire Front Drag Spinning Fishing Reel Review

Do you want to put a high-end performance into your fishing arsenal without paying a high-end price?

Then the crossfire spinning reel should be your ultimate consideration. It’s super affordable, gives a high-end performance and loaded with amazing features that will give you a superb experience.

This crossfire spinning reel has a balanced rotor and three smooth running ball bearings plus roller bearing, casting and retrieving is effortless.

The infinite anti-reverse and Micro click front drag adjustment put you in control of the action while you are fishing.

It also has a twist buster and an advanced locomotive level wind mechanism that works to eliminate line twisting and snarls. With ABS aluminum spool and a lifetime bailspring, this reel delivers a built to last dependability.

It is a unique fishing companion that will give you an effortless action as well as taking your experience higher than you imagined.


This Daiwa Crossfire Spinning fishing reel is made with high durable materials that ensure your reel will last longer more than the ordinary reels in the market.

It has three ball bearings plus a roller bearing made from aluminum material and therefore having this spinning fishing reel will not only guarantee you of a longer usage period but also gives you the ability to enjoy fishing for multiple seasons. How nice!

Smooth Action

Every fishing reel should be able to release the line smoothly without losing the accuracy of the intended location. However, with the crossfire fishing spinning reel, this problem is solved.

The crossfire fishing spinning reel has a gyro spin balanced rotor together with running ball bearings and a roller that will give you a smooth action that is effortless. This gives you total control while fishing is elevating your experience and mastery in the doing.

Daiwa Crossfire Front Drag Spinning Fishing Reel


The crossfire fishing spinning reel is light in weight. Weighing only one pound, the reel can be carried anywhere you go without giving you many inconveniences and hence turning every moment you have with fishing.

With measurements of 20 by 15 by 15 inches, this fishing spinning reel allows you to operate at an effortless position with either of your hand that seems appropriate. It is a fishing spinning reel that everyone needs.

Micro-Click Front Drags Adjustment

A good fishing reel should be able to adjust itself without being affected by its forward drag. However, most spinning reels do not incorporate such a technology hence giving you complete out of control action.

This crossfire fishing spinning reel, however, doesn’t suffer this drawback. Equipped with a Micro click front drag adjustment and infinite anti-reverse technique, the reel puts you in control of the action while fishing with this unique technology.

Twist Buster Mechanism

It is sometimes boring when a spinning reel allows your fishing line to twist and snarl while you are in action. The crossfire spinning reel, however, has a twist buster mechanism that works to eliminate line twisting and snarls.

So your fishing lines are guaranteed of not suffering such experience. Again, with ABS aluminum spool and a lifetime bail spring, this reel will deliver a built to last dependability.


  • Light in weight
  • Reduction in twisting of lines
  • Durable
  • Smoothly action
  • Front drag adjustment mechanism
  • Can be used in saltwater


  • Relatively expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is this spinning reel made in this world?

A: The Daiwa Crossfire Spinning Reel is a product of China.

Q: Does this reel come with a spare spool?

A: Not really, but you can order a supplementary pool.

Q: How many lines can it hold?

A: This reel can hold as much line you can imagine as long as it can handle.

Final Verdict

The Daiwa Crossfire Spinning reel is an awesome product. It can hold up well in inshore fishing and can be used in saltwater.

Made with three ball bearings and a roller, the reel is so smooth with its drag significantly lower than normal which will make you feel very comfortable during the action.

It has an average star rating of 4.4 meaning its an amazing product made specifically to ensure all your expectations are catered for. Simple and light in weight, this spinning reel gives you an amazing experience.

Get your Daiwa Crossfire Spinning reel and you will feel comfortable fishing.


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