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Have you ever gone on a fishing trip and you walk home desperate after you lack to fish anything? I have personally experienced this and almost lost hope in fishing.

Finding the best trolling reel is not a simple task. I have used various reels and some works perfectly while other I would rather be mute on them.

I tried to extensively discuss some of the top rated that I found amazing to work under any conditions.

Some situation requires you to have to have a high-quality trolling reel so that you don't miss out on the best catches.

Fishing is an outdoor recreational activity that demands high quality gear so that you can also enjoy to the fullest. Before you invest in any of the reels you have to consider some of the following devices.

Factors To Consider

Close checking is always important before making any purchase.

You do not have to do much window shopping instead reading the following factors you can precede to determining the best reel.

Line Capacity

This is where the trapped fish are held. For large fish and stronger ones, you require a large line capacity so that they can be hooked and remain there while for a small catch like tilapia you just require a small line capacity.


Trolling reels are assembled having different rod lengths and weights. The rod length determines the depth to which you can fish out.

The rod weight determines the size and strength of the fish. You should have in mind the size of the fish. Large fish like salmons require strong and long rod.

Bearing Count

Different trolling reels come along with different numbers of ball bearings. The ball bearings reduce friction that may cause tear and wear in the device. The ball bearings also increase the speed of drag.

Construction Materials

Trolling reels are made of various materials such as aluminum and graphite. The material determines which fish species to fish either the large ones or the smaller ones.

The material should not down weigh as most of the fishermen love lightweight reefs.


These are indicators that alert the fishermen of any successful catch. It should be audible enough for the fishermen to hear. This is a key factor to be contained in any perfectly made reel.

Recommend Best Trolling Reels

It may difficult for me to tell your preference. The choice may be unique based on your tastes, preference, and working conditions.

Purchase the most comfortable trolling reel that you will have confidence when using it. The following are some of the top rated trolling reels.

Okuma Magda Proline Counter Trolling Reel

Editor Rating:

When looking for the best and quality trolling reel, this is the best option for you.

This device is technologically upgraded hence it has features that work best in any condition.

Stainless Ball Bearings

The device is fitted with two ball bearings that help to reduce the rate of friction that may cause damage to the device due to tear and wear.


For easy handling of the device, it has to be light. The reel is constructed with strong graphite which is light and also durable.


The device is awarded a one year warranty from the day of purchase. Have peace of mind when using this device as you are guaranteed that it will be replaced or repaired in case of any defect that may trace its origin back to the manufacturer.

Multi-Disc Carbonated Drag System

The drag system is designed so as to reduce the amount of energy that you use when dragging the rod. The discs rotate thus acting like bearings and make the dragging process easier.

Piscifun High-Speed Trolling Reels

Editor Rating:

Do you want to grow your fishing tactics and experience?

This is the best trolling reel that you need to purchase and take it along in your next fishing escapede. Take a look at following features.

5.2:1 Gear Ratio

The gear ratio implies that the spool turns over 5.2 times when the handle is rotated one time. This is a very high speed hence dragging is made easier.

One Clutch System

The one-way clutch system can turn over three bearings that and able to maintain the gear ratio.

The clutch system does not support reverse movement hence you cannot release your catch.

Aluminum Alloy

This model frame is made of a strong aluminum body. Aluminum is hard and cannot break easily and hence it is durable. Aluminum is light hence it will enable a device to be light.

Strong Brass Gear

The gear is made using a strong brass which is durable and does not crack even when great pressure is applied to it. The gear comes with a stainless steel stand for proper support.

Okuma Fishing Tackle Classic Trolling Reels

Editor Rating:

Fishing trips require us to have the best-rated reel at our disposal.

Worry no more and buy this trolling reel as innovations have been done so as to upgrade it. Consider the following features.

T-Style Handle

The handle is designed to form T shape which enables you to hold firmly. The handle is made of quality materials so your hands will not slip when you are using the reel. This feature is only traced to this reel model hence it is one of the reels that proper handling is ensured.

Self-Lubricating System

Lubricating is very essential for any device having moving parts. Oil is just poured into the system, and the oil just flows into the working engine.


The device is made of strong graphite, and the frame cannot break easily and hence it will be of service to you for a long time and offer high-quality service hence giving you the value of your money.

Corrosion Resistant

This reel model is made of high-quality material both the frame and the in parts. The materials do not encourage any corrosion to occur on them hence increasing the product durability.

Okuma Cold Water Line Trolling Reels

Editor Rating:

This is the perfect solution for any fisherman willing to improve his or her fishing tactics.

The reel is made in a way to give you the perfect service, and you will have value for your money.


At the time of using this device the user will be comfortable using it as it has proper handles. The handles are strong enough to support dragging the spool till the catch is safe at their hands.


You are not fixed in the same fishing ground. You may opt to find another area where there can be plenty of fish.

You do not have to get stressed moving since the reel is compact and light. It will fit in you carrying case, and you will transport it with ease.


The manufacturer acknowledges that the device may have some working problems that may arise in the time of assembling.

You are guaranteed replacement in any case of damage from the day of purchase to the end of one year period.

Strong Drag System

Dragging is a procedure that has to take place when fishing. In that case, the drag system is strong enough to counter any force that may arise.

The system has strong bearings that reduce friction. The gear ratio is also important in the dragging process to increase the efficiency.

Penn Squal 20LC Wind Trolling Reels

Editor Rating:

This product is among the heavy duty fishing appliances. It can fish out any fish species and at a longer distance.

This product is suitable for all fishers may it be the starters and is for both genders.

4.9:1 Gear Ratio

The gear ratio ensures that the spool turns over 4.9 times when the handle is rotated a single time. The turning over helps to make dragging easier hence making the dragging process less demanding.

Strong Frame

The frame is made of a carbon composite known as graphite. Graphite is very hard hence increasing the durability of the product. The frame is all able to safeguard the inner parts form damage.

Clicker Present

You do not have the capability of seeing the events happening around your reel. The clicker provides an audible sound alert to the fishermen of any catch.

You do not have to keep dragging it to look if there is any catch; the clicker has made it easier.


Not all reels are reliable at all times. Some may only work when the water is stagnant or flow slowly while other can work even under strong waves and fast flowing water.

This device can work under any environmental condition and at any given time.

Final verdict

I am certain that I am addressing an audience that is very mindful of their daily activities. Your much appreciation to this content implies that you will get the best trolling reel that perfectly suits you and fits you monetary power.

Go ahead and purchase any of the above units and they are worth your attention. Let there be no worry or doubt as these are the best innovation the market have tested and are contented with.

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