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Fishing is such an amazing art, maybe it is a hobby, and probably you do it with your family say, son. To be the pro and hero that nature requires you to be for your son, you need a quality Spincast reel.

If fishing is a means of livelihood you also need a reel that does not wear you out, let's say a real that spares some of your energy for tomorrow.

It might take you forever to land the right reel, but I am reducing the trouble for you. I am narrowing down to the best and only the best of the spincast reels.

Go through this article and make up your mind which is the best among the best for you.

Factors To Consider

There are so many Spincast reels currently present on the market. To acquire the right product, you must have more information about the product.

A good reel will have most if not all of the following qualities.


Durability is one of the most important factors to consider. Materials that make the reel will determine the durability. Commonly manufacturers will use plastic, graphite, aluminum, ceramic and even titanium for the different parts of the reel.

Plastic is cheap but less reliable, while the others, graphite, aluminum, and titanium offer strength and are light weight.


Also, I check the capability of the reel to maneuver heavy and lighter jobs equally. What I mean to say is a reel that can handle both smaller and larger fish equally.


The design that is desirable to the guys with experience is one that incorporates measures that make the fishing easier, more fun and more satisfying.

For the handle design, for example, I prefer one that I can configure for use on both the right and left sides.

Ease To Operate

The design should be one that facilitates easy operation else you and fatigue will be inseparable. Ball bearings, for example, ease operation by cutting down on friction.

Recommend Best Spincast Reel

By putting all the above factors into consideration, I have prepared a list of the best spincast reel that every single one of you should pick as the first choice. They are reels that walk the talk.

1. Zebco Omega ZO3PRO Fishing Reel

Zebco Omega ZO3PRO Fishing Reel

Editor Rating:

Omega is a leader in spincast technology.

That alone does not mean that we should accept the product readily though I would suggest that as long as it is Omega, there will be no disappointments.

3X Positive Pickup System

With the Zebco Omega ZO3PRO Spincast Fishing Reel, I get to enjoy the 3X pickup speed. It helps me save on some significant amount of time by the time I am through with fishing.

You get the feeling of fast results.

Seven Bearing

It is the first reel to features seven bearings. The seven bearings give you a smooth, effortless operation of the reel.

Most people like to associate its smooth, effortless operation with kids but it works for me, and that is all that matters.


Omega uses aircraft grade aluminum for the covers to make sure that they stand wear and tear.

Aluminum is a strong metal that scores great on not adding too much weight to equipment. All of the gears are metallic to enhance durability.


The Zebco Omega ZO3PRO Spincast Fishing Reel has a one year warranty on it in-case of any hitch on the materials or how it works.

So it is not much of a risk that you will be making.

2. Zebco Omega ZO3 Spincast Reel

Zebco Omega ZO3 Spincast Reel

Editor Rating:

Sometimes the impossible is possible.

Zebco with their specialty in spincast reel rides in the waves of technology and advancement and have proved critics wrong with the Zebco Omega ZO3.

Quick Change Spool

Unlike other reels that have fixed spools Omega ZO3 has a spare spool. What this means is that whenever I need a different line.

I don't need to re-spool, I just utilize the quick-change spool system that allows me to use a line of a different size and type whenever the need arises.

Level Wind Oscillating Spool

To add to the six stainless steel ball bearings that facilitate smooth and easy casting, I get to use the feature of the level wind oscillating spool that allows me to get the line evenly back onto the spool.

Thumb Button

The Zebco Omega ZO3 features a rubber button. If you are my kind, the ones who like to put the reel and rod down.

You find that the reel tends to get wet, but that is never an issue as the rubber thumb button gives me a sure firm grip onto the reel


There is no plastic on this particular reel, and that tells a lot. The entire reel is of purely premium materials the body is from solid die-cast aluminum.

The casing is of aircraft grade aluminum while the ball bearings are stainless steel that's the reason am still using my reel up to date.

3. Supertrip Full Metal Aluminum Fishing Reels

Supertrip Full Metal Aluminum Fishing Reels

Editor Rating:

This particular reel has great features to offer. It looks great for starters, and when it comes to performance, it is as good as it looks.

As the name suggests, it will give you that super trip in the waters.


The Supertrip Full Metal Aluminum Saltwater High-Speed Fishing Reels is all metal a quality that without a doubt makes it durable.

The durable aluminum support sees to it that I can operate it smoothly.


Some people, for example, my wife does not fancy only the performance and stuff, she is very sensitive with the looks.

If you are that kind of person too well you have landed a product you want. It has a gold and silver finish that is so impressive.


Another of the most amazing qualities of the Supertrip Full Metal Aluminum Saltwater High-Speed Fishing Reels is how well you can change from the left-hand to the right-hand angling with ease, and the handle is also reversible.

I as well use it in both saltwater and freshwater.

Easy To Operate

The reel has supports on either side. The supports prevent the reel from wobbling while casting.

Another advantage of aluminum is that it is light weight, light weight means easier operation than if it was a heavier metal. That is just not it though it also has twelve ball bearings, imagine that!

4. Entsport Titanium Alloy Casting Fishing Reel

Entsport Titanium Alloy Casting Fishing Reel

Editor Rating:

I will say this with surety that, whenever you are in need of a spincast reel, do not forget this particular one.

It gives me an amazing fishing experience and here are my reasons.

Strong Build

A Titanium alloy makes the body and the side covers of the Entsport Titanium Alloy Casting Reel Saltwater Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel. The spool is of CNC machined aluminum.

If you lost I got you, CNC stands for computer numerical control, and the manufacturer uses computers to machine the spool precisely. Overall the construction is Corrosion resistant construction.

Easy To Operate

It incorporates big gears to amplify the drag power, a small input result in more drag power.

Also, it incorporates a one-way clutch that that facilitates easy operation. It does not end here it has an anti- reverse system.


The design is such that it incorporates an EVA foam soft grip that prevents it from slipping even during wet conditions.

Other factors that facilitate this are it being light weight and having a smooth performance balancing system.

Ceramic Insert Line Guide

A ceramic insert line guide offers close to the frictionless guiding of the line.

The ceramic ensures that the line does not undergo wear and tear from rubbing against the guide.

5. Entsport Saltwater Casting  Fishing Reel

Entsport Saltwater Casting  Fishing Reel

Editor Rating:

If you like, this is like a small brother of the Entsport Titanium Alloy Casting Reel Saltwater Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel, same mother, same father.

Might be cheaper than the titanium one, but it depends on the store.

Stopping Power

It offers you some smooth and consistent power that you have full control .

To control the power I use features such as, the reliable magnetic braking system that incorporates adjustable multi-level control.

Nylon Body

The manufacturer uses Nylon to make the body. The engineering behind the nylon gives it durability and the power that I require to handle smaller and bigger fish equally.

Aluminum Spool

Aluminum makes the spool ensuring that it is durable. To add to that, it has an impressive line capacity that will give you a more than satisfying length of the fishing line.


It weighs only 7.4 oz; this means that it does not add too much weight to my fishing rod. Lightweight facilitates for easy operation.

Adjustable Stopping Power

Am always in control of the casting and retrieving of fish, it offers a high stopping power. The maximum stopping power is 4.5 kg/10lb. The magnetic braking system is very reliable.

Final verdict

Losing your money by buying the wrong fishing reel is the last thing you want. It takes a while to get that money and losing it just after a short time breaks the soul and depletes your trust.

None of these will happen to you if you buy any of these spincast fishing reels.These are available in most the outlets worldwide so getting one will not be a problem.

I like telling people to have the best of luck but in this case, I will not, you do not need luck.

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