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When one goes into a shop and inquires about fishing reels he or she will be asked to specify which type they want. Do they need the reels for fly fishing or the reels for the most ordinary kind of fishing?

This illustrates the nature of fly fishing. It is essentially a very different beast and to try to compare it to normal fishing just wouldn't work.

That is why fly fishing is handled with a different kind of reel that is made specifically to be able to handle the demands of fly fishing.

Nevertheless, there are some types of fly fishing reels, and the numbers are such that any inexperienced user will have a very hard time trying to choose one that is better than all the others.

This guide provides information to ease this burden.When the user goes to a store with this kind of information, they will be able to contract business in a much more comfortable way than they would have had they been ignorant.

Things To Consider

For those people who are not sure of what to look for in a fly fishing reel, you need guidance. Here are some considerations while doing your choosing.

Way of Fishing

The way the angler decides to employ his or her device will have an impact as to how the device will be used.

Some reels are made for specific kinds of fishing and will not function well with others.

You need to know what kind of fishing he or she wants to participate in mostly and then choose his reel according to how much that reel is comfortable with whatever kind of fishing he is looking forward to. Such considerations should not be taken lightly.


Cleaning involved taking the device apart and then looking into it and fixing the parts that are assaulted by dirt and dust.

Some reels aren't very easy to take apart and as a result will not be very easy to clean.

These kinds of reels ought to be left alone as they will likely cause problems to the user when they have been in use for some time.

Ball Bearings

Ball bearings determine how easily the device can be used and the nature if lubrication that is existent on it. Devices with ball bearings can move more smoothly and as a result can be fun and comfortable to use.

The number of ball bearings also matters. The more they are, the better for the user and he or she will have a very easy time using the device.


Size matters, and it matters a lot. Some of these devices are abnormally big and as a result are not very easy to handle.

Devices with more than the required weight are easy to overlook because they are bulky and ass little value to the user.

You need to avoid such devices at all costs and those that are more in tune with acceptable weight levels be looked into and bought. It is the responsibility of the buyer to know all these things.

Nature of Materials

The nature of the materials that the user is looking at will determine how effective the device is likely to be. Devices with good quality materials are very easy to identify and will most likely stay very long without going bad.

These are the devices that should be looked into by buyers with a keen eye. They ought to be bought more than those which are made of materials that are suspect.

Recommend Best Fly Fishing Reels

Reels for fly fishing might be a special category of their own, but this doesn't mean that they are easy to come by. The five reels presented below are the very best that could be found.

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel

Editor Rating:

This is a truly special fishing reel that should greatly aid anyone who wants to try his or her hand at fly fishing.

There are many good things about this which include.

Tensile Strength

The device is made of good grade aluminum which imparts a lot of strength to the device in general. The user can rely on it for all tasks without fear of it giving out.

Extra Spool

The device has an extra spool which is so very vital because sooner or later the initial spool will not be able to function. When this happens, a new spool is needed.

Quality Parts

The parts are made of the best materials which all add to the good quality of the device in general. It is not like your normal fishing reel at all and will greatly impress.


The device is easy to set up and attach to the rod. This makes it simple to use the device even in tough areas.

Best Fly Fishing Reels

Editor Rating:

This is an extraordinary device that should thrill the hearts of any fly fishing enthusiast.It is one of the best devices available for fly fishing.

The process of setting the reel up to the fishing rod and taking it out are both so very easy.

Easily Detached

The process of setting the reel up to the fishing rod and taking it out are both so very easy. This is why the device will be loved by all who know their way around fly fishing.

Easy To Take Apart

The device can be taken apart to its individual elements and any cleaning or maintenance done on the inside parts with the greatest of ease. Any device which permits this operation is a good device.


The parts that are taken apart can be easily cleaned and serviced which is as it should be since the device will need this kind of servicing often enough.


Has awesome Retrieval power which works well to make the device a good catcher of fish. This ability is usually not much hailed, but it is very important.

Okuma SLV Diecast Aluminum Fly Reel

Editor Rating:

Okuma is a quality and a very good device that is the envy of many.

It has a lot of positive points about it.

Aluminum Body

The majority of this device is made of aluminum. Aluminum is one of the lightest yet most durable elements available. This double advantage isn't a thing to be looked at lightly.


In addition to aluminum, the other components also contribute to making it very light. This combination results in a device that is easy to hold and not cumbersome at all.


It has different modes of operation which a user can move between with much ease. This makes the device very variable and powerful.

For Different Kinds of Fishing

It is a reel that has application potential in some different kinds of fishing. This ability makes it very valuable to any fisherman.

KastKing Katmai Waterproof Fly Fishing Reel

Editor Rating:

Reels rarely come as highly regarded as this one.

It has top attributes and is the real deal as far as reels are concerned

Easy Operation

The way this device works presents no challenge at all even to the most inexperienced of users. This ease is one of the most important points that a user should regard and that should thrill him or her.


The label says it all but just in case someone is unaware the device is waterproofed which means it can be used in environments that are watery and dangerous without any problem at all.

Good Capacity

The device is one of the best when it comes to spool capacity. It can allow for a large length of line to be attached, and it will function without any problems.

Well Lubricated

All the moving parts of this machine are well lubricated and can move well and easily which translates to easier working of the machine.

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel

Editor Rating:

This device is the last on this list but is by no means the least.

With this fishing reel, you can be sure of spending enjoyable moments on the waters because it works very smoothly.

High Ratio

Has a very high gear ratio that is the hallmark of all good devices. There are very few ways to outdo this device and the high gear ratio makes it one of the best and also very reliable when it comes to deep fishing.

Core Strength

The device is admittedly very strong because of the way it is made to be like. There are no problems with it being too light and unable to handle fish that weigh a lot. Core strength means the device will not snap in the middle of a job for any reason.


Has good Retrieval power even for the largest of fish. This ability makes it ideal for those fishing expeditions where the largest varieties of fish are caught.

Spare Parts

If you have any problems with the parts of the reel and they require a replacement, you will find it easy to get these parts. This advantage means that the device can be renewed when it grows old.

Final verdict

Fly fishing reels are a special class of their own that nevertheless presents a lot of challenges to users.

A user after going through these five should be able to land on an ideal device that will help them with their needs.

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