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Inshore fishing is the friendliest type of fishing that just anyone can enjoy doing. Sometimes I do it and get a therapy feeling it is like when the doctor tells me to relieve my mind I need to take a little walk barefoot. I get that similar feeling.

Do you want to experience that feeling? You need a spinning reel that will make the fishing bliss. Else the feeling will be just but a dream you will be doing some real donkey work.

Get it from me, the reels that I feature in this article will not give you give you fake promises. They are the real deal. If I know this will not help you, why to bother to take my time to break things down.

I want you to sail in the same boat for me because I care, no more losing money this is the right choice, a lifetime choice not though but trust me you will get value for your money.

Things to consider

There are special things about that you need from the reel and below is a list of such qualities. Maybe you have a feeling you want something but don't know what exactly am saving you the trouble.


Drag is a major factor that determines casting. All of my spins give dependable and consistent drag. Check for example for the HT-100 drag washers and the maximum drag and how well you can be able to adjust the drag weight.

Ball bearings

The ball bearings determine how smooth the casting and the retrieving will be. I require my spin to have more ball bearings as more bearings translate to smoother operation. For purposes of curbing corrosion, a seal on the bearings system is necessary.


Somewhere below 10 oz is good for an inshore fishing spin. You know that you are dealing with some shallow waters and a heavier spin might be a waste of resources.


The frame should be strong enough such that it does not break. At the same time, it should be from a material that does not give it too much weight.

Recommend Best Inshore Spinning Reel

Below are the best of the spinning reels that I recommend to you. They are the kind of reels no one can afford to put in their past. They will make you an inshore fishing addict. These reels complete the whole fishing experience.

Spinning Reel Saltwater Fishing Reels Battle II

Editor Rating:

The Spinning Reel Saltwater Fishing Reels Battle II has the label of saltwater, but it will serve you right inshore.

Being a result of the advancement of the Penn Battle it has a lot to offer.


A 5.1:1 gear ratio ensures efficient torque transmission by sufficiently amplifying the input torque. Retrieving using this reel is so easy my son who is seven years old does it comfortably.

Sealed Ball Bearings

Some fishing reels have got shields on the ball bearings which do not protect the bearings from the water. A seal covers the ball bearings of this reel making it extra corrosion resistant which enhances durability.

HT-100 Drag Washers

The drag system that this fishing reel utilizes is impeccable. What the HT-100 drag washers do is that they allow the use of both sides of the washer to improve on the drag, making it reliable and consistent.


It weighs 8.1 oz which is below 10 oz, so it is clear to see it is lightweight. When handling it, you get a nice sensation as it does not weigh you down. This feature comes so much in handy while battling with a fish.

Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Spinning Reel

Editor Rating:

This particular reel is the king of the inshore.

The design fits inshore fitting perfectly being a low profile reel. It is the reel that I use most of the times.

I know it's among the best since there is this time that we went fishing for a month and everywhere we went you could spot a couple of people with the Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Spinning Reel

So I was curious what is it about it that they like so much and here we are now.

Alloy Frame

An alloy frame makes this particular reel corrosion resistant. The side plates are of c6 carbon thus making it strong and lightweight all at the same time. This variety of materials is the best that there is.

D2 Gear Design

Efficiency is a primary need for fishing. Some gears stick in the middle of a retrieval or maybe neutralize a lot of torque. The D2 gear system is efficient and is a guarantee of gear durability I cannot ask for more from the gear system.

Magtrax Brake System

The brake system provides a consistent drag pressure so that I am I full control of the casting. Maybe you have experiences with a drag system that does not function how you want when you want it to. It is very disappointing

Ergonomic Design

A curved handle makes this reel the ideal fishing reel. The guide has a Ti coating that reduces the friction hence reducing the tear and wear so that the line will last you quite a while.

Quantum SL25PTS Smoke PT Sw Spin 10BB Sz 25 Inshore

Editor Rating:

This Quantum SL25PTS Smoke PT Sw Spin 10B Sz 25 Inshore is my most recent reel.

Inshore fishing has never been better for you if you are still waiting to try out this fishing reel.

Aluminum Spool

An aluminum spool makes this reel durable and gives you value for your money. I have been using mine for a couple of years now, and I have no regrets whatsoever. The good thing with aluminum is that it is both strong and lightweight.

Extra Hard Gears

The gears on the Quantum SL25PTS Smoke PT Sw Spin 10B Sz 25 Inshore will give you efficient power transmission. Hybrid PT bearings see to it that close to no Power is lost so we can say it is powerful and efficient.

Continuous Anti-Reverse

Continuous anti-reverse ensures that there is no backlash on this reel. It hits a halt where you want it to. With this feature am always in full control of the casting and the fish stands no chance which translates to being a happier man. You could be a happier man too or woman.

Adjustable Drag System

The drag on this reel is reliable on that I give it a ten out of ten. Different situations call for different drag pressure, and the manufacturer designs the drag being adjustable. For example, I use higher drag for bigger fish and lower drag for smaller fish.

Abu Garcia Orra Inshore Spinning Reel

Editor Rating:

High-end technology rings my mind all the time I think about the Abu Garcia Orra Inshore Spinning Reel.

It features the best of qualities that best suits the inshore fishing. It is a good investment.

Smooth Operation

5.8:1 gear ratio and nine ball bearings, now tell me how on earth this Abu Garcia Orra Inshore Spinning Reel is not one of the best. With these two features, I get the smoothest operation.


The spool utilizes a rocket spool lip design, with an altering on the bail angle plus a slow oscillation system all of these improves on the casting and reduces the contact between the line and the rod.


It comes in varieties to choose. No limitations to stick to a size that does not suit you. There are sizes 30, 35, 40 and 60. Sometimes size goes with weight, and I prefer the medium size as it is a compromise between the two extremes.


Well, the price is bound to vary from outlet to outlet but considering all the amazing features that they offer I can say boldly that they are affordable. At least in the long term putting in mind how durable it is.

Quantum Smoke PT Inshore Spinning Reel

Editor Rating:

Quantum Smoke PT Inshore Spinning Reel is another of the best performing reels world over.

It has itself a huge following of fanatics, and I think I am one. You will get to enjoy a ton of amazing qualities.


The reel uses some of the lightest yet strongest materials. The rotor is of carbon fiber which reduces weight significantly. The rotor is also very stable, so I have no experiences of it wobbling even for once. The body is from thin line aluminum.

CSC Drag System

CSC drag system is an up-to-date system that uses the latest materials and technology. It delivers a dependable and consistent drag for your fishing. Also, the materials that make up the drag system ensure for durability.

Polymer-Stainless Hybrid PT Bearings

So what sometimes happens with bearings is that. They start to rust and weaken with time. The next thing is that they will crumble and there you will have a rusty non-functional reel probably cursing, and this will not be the case with these bearings.

Salt Guard

The inner components are in an aluminum casing for protection. As if that is not enough the aluminum has a salt guard coating that makes it corrosion resistant. So each and every single component is safe from corrosion.

Final verdict

There are numerous advantages that the above-listed spinning reels have to offer. Can I say I love them? I do. I assure you that you can take my word to the bank.

You will find most of the qualities that you have been looking for in a spinning reel. They are easy to use so the whole of the family can handle them comfortably.

That feeling of losing fish that makes you sick, it is the time you say goodbye to it. Check the ratings and affirm that I am right. You might even end up recommending them to friends and family.

These products do not compromise on quality for affordability whatsoever and am so sure that you already have found one that suits you.

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