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There are categories of fishing reels, and in a major classifying sort of way, closed face fishing reels are the kind that is one of the most popular.

These types of reels are called closed face because they have most of their parts hidden beneath a body. Usually, only the line is protruding, and this means that the name is very appropriate for the product.

There are many kinds of closed face reels because these kinds of reels are in very high demand. A user is going out and inquiring as to which kind to have will most likely be disappointed and not get very much information.

They need to be armed from the word go and the only way they can achieve that state is if the user is well supplied with information before he or she goes for purchase.

This is what this guide intends to achieve. A conscious user should read on carefully as it will be of use to him.

Things to consider

To be able to choose the best-closed face fishing reel, there are a number of factors you need to consider. Here are some of them;

Ease Of Use

Closed fishing reels are very well regarded and this is one of the reasons why they are so popular. The way they work means that a user has to know that they are easy to operate and get to grips with.

There is no reason to go for devices that are harder to use and understand however much they might claim to be superior to the other devices that are in offer. Ease of use must be one of the principal considerations that a user should look into.


The materials that make up a fishing reel are of great consequence because they influence in a very direct way the functioning of the device. There is a notion that the nature of materials used in construction doesn't matter but this couldn't be more wrong.

There is a lot of weight that can be shed by using the right materials, and also the device will last long or not depending on the materials used in construction.


The brakes are a device that is fitted on reels that help to control the amount of pressure the fish has to offer the reel once it is baited.

Once the fish is baited it will obviously try to run away but the brakes offer the chance to slow down the speed of the fish and in essence harness it faster.

Line Capacity

The line capacity is a thing that not many people look into. A reel with good line capacity will be able to handle a good amount of line length. The longer the length, the more the device can be used to conduct more serious kinds of fishing.

There is no problem with handling long length of line as the reel is equipped with means to handle all these kinds of situations. The user should consider those reels that are of good length as opposed to those which might stifle his or her fishing.

Ball Bearings

Ball bearings are there in the device to offer smoothness and reduce friction. If they work well, they should be able to offer the user the easiest of times during fishing. Otherwise, the fishing is likely to be very difficult and laborious.

The user ought to know to look at the presence of ball bearings and also the number of them that are on offer. The more there are, the better for the user.

Recommend Best Closed Face Fishing Reel

The five reels presented below are the best that could be found in the category of closed face fishing reels and should be looked into by any responsible buyer.

Daiwa Underspin-XD Series, Trigger-Control Closed-Face Reel

Editor Rating:

A superior reel that comes with all the required parts well-made and that should also be able to be used in some environments even those that might be thought of as forbidding.

Easy Control

There is very little to this device, and it is not the most complicated of devices that are out there. There is only a few number of controls, and these can be easily learned by any user.


There are some devices can be thought of as more than just suitable for one purpose. This is one of these devices. It has application in a range of tasks and can easily be made to accomplish more than your normal reel.

Spare Spool

It comes equipped with an extra spool that can be employed when the one in use gets broken or for any other reason is unable to function normally. The spare spool is easy to fit in, and the process will not result in a lot of time being wasted.

Unreactive Metal

The metal used in the construction of this device is very unreactive and will, therefore, assure of a device that will last very long and not suffer the effects of corrosion.

Mini Metal Closed Face Spinning Reel

Editor Rating:

There are very few devices that can equal the excellence of this device.

Below we look at it in a bit more detail.

Metal Construction

There are a great number of reels that are not made of metal but include graphite in their construction. Graphite is a good enough material, but it just isn't as good as most metals. Devices made of metal are sure to last much longer and be more reliable.

Gear Ratio

Has good gear ratio that is high enough to ensure that fishing for creatures that live in deeper waters is easy and possible. The reel can, therefore, be used where other reels would find hard to reach. This sets it apart from most others that are only suitable for shirt depth Fishing.


The reel is very easy to disassemble. There are some reasons why a user would want to take a reel apart it for whatever reason this reel is easily taken apart and in the same way easily put back together.

Long Lasting

The way the device has been constructed coupled with the nature of the materials leads one to make the obvious conclusion that the device is very well made and will last long. This is indeed the case.

Dimart TRI20 Trigger-Control Closed-Face Reel 

Editor Rating:

A slightly differentiated reel but one that is still the best and will assure of good service.

These kinds of reels are best used in a variety of ways.


There are brakes which help to control the reel and are very useful when the kind of fish caught is a large one that could lead to the device snapping.

Good Drag

The device has moderate levels of drag. This means that it isn't too much so as to cause the reel strain while it is being used and at the same time not too little such that the user doesn't feel its effects.

Superior Line

The line that comes with the fishing reel is made of the highest quality steel and can bear such weights as would render most other devices impossible to use. This great strength means the device can be used to fish for long.

Smooth Operation

The presence of ball bearings makes the device extra smooth and easy to use and get up to speed. There are no hard parts or difficulty making it move around.

Shakespeare Synergy Ti 1 Spincast Blister Reel

Editor Rating:

A smart device that deserves way more attention than it gets.

It is one of the most effective and useful reels in the market.

Perfect Control

Most reels are made to function well but in the issue of control present problems to the user. This reel isn't so, and it is easy to use and control making it a favorite for those who value safety and want to be assured of their device.

Parts Protection

Because all parts of the device are located in a closed space inside the device, there isn't any risk of these components getting exposed to the elements and thereby suffering for it. This is a very important innovation.

Seven Bearings

The device has seven ball bearings, a number higher than that of most other devices. It is therefore given to very smooth operation and will ultimately be one of the best to whoever manages to get it.


Can be taken apart and the interior cleaned thoroughly and with ease. This makes the device every person's favorite since it is very easy to use and maintain.

Zebco 33 Authentic Spincast Reel

Editor Rating:

This device comes last but is just as good as those others in this list.

It is a solid device that has a good reputation and will last long.

Authentic Parts

The parts used to make the fishing reel are all very much new and authentic. There is no case of parts that are counterfeit. This improves the quality of the device very much.

Graphite Construction

It is made primarily of graphite which imparts to the device ease of use and also long life. It is a durable device because of this.

Easy Attachment

Attaching a reel to the fishing rod is often overlooked but it shouldn't. It could be a very hard process that could even interfere with nature if fishing. With this device, none of this is to be feared. The device attaches easily to the rod.

Line Capacity

Can handle a very good amount of line and will, therefore, be very applicable when the fishing is deep or the user desires to cast the line a bit far off.

Final verdict

Choosing an appropriate fishing reel is always a fall order. It is hoped that the information presented here will be of help to any person who is keen on buying himself or herself any reel.

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