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Do you know what you enjoy doing during your free time? I sincerely believe that most of us already know their hobbies. I used to do fishing for leisure, but over the years I have gone commercial which I enjoy.

Like any other occupation, you require a full compact gear that will help you succeed and also enjoy your work.In the world, we are living today technology has brought advancement in the fishing industry. We wake up each day to innovation and inventions being put into practice.

Take your fishing activities to the next step by purchasing any of the following reels as they are in a capacity to suit your needs.

Things to consider

Every time you want to buy an item you have first to consider critical essentials in the product. In the same case, you have to consider the following factors before buying bait caster reel.

Construction Materials

Bait caster work under harsh conditions such as saltwater and also they have to counter any force that may be brought by flowing water. Ensure that you buy a reel which is made of a high quality material, corrosion resistant such as carbon composite, magnesium, and aluminum alloy.

Gear Ratio

This is the number of times the spool turns over when the handle is turned one time. The ratio helps the Fisher to increase the fishing accuracy and also determine whether you have managed to trap a fish.

Spool Size

This factor determines whether you will fish large and stronger fish like salmons or small fish species like tilapia. Larger fish necessitates you to have a heavier line while small fish may need a medium or even light spool line.


This is a key factor to consider at the time of purchase as it may hinder your fishing experience. Consider having a comfortable grip, well-balanced rod, and a good reel combination which will help you in fishing accuracy.

Ease Of Use

Fishing is an activity that requires quick actions to be done as fast as possible not to miss a catch. Having an easily operated reel will be the best option for every person who loves fishing. All operating dials should be reached very fast.

Recommend Best Bait Caster Reel

There are very many bait caster reels on the market today. Some will satisfy your need while others will be great for others. I had a very hard time choosing the best reel that will suit my specific needs.

Consider buying the reel that will fit your needs and gives you comfort while using it. Take a look at the following reel, and you will choose one that will suit you.

Docooler® 10BB Bait Casting Fishing Reel

Editor Rating:

Are you looking for bait catser that is designed to meet your specific performance? Here it is, it is keenly assembled by engineers who have a great experience at their work. It is technological advanced it has the capabilities to satisfy your needs.The following are some of its amazing features that are practically fitted to it.


This reel model is made of a high-quality material that guarantees you a long time that the reel will be of service for you. The materials are durable and also light; this makes it possible for the fisherman to have full control of it. It weighs about 212 grams.

Silvery Color Body

The reel is always finished silvery in color. The color will help to identify counterfeits of it as the manufacturers do not produce any other color. The color cannot be easily identified in the water as it easily camouflages thus not causing any attention from the prey.


Fishing is an activity that requires the fisherman to be very keen and also to be very accurate so as not to miss the prey. The reel does not produce any noise thus not alerting the prey. It is also easy to operate.

Nine Ball Bearings

The model is fitted with nine black ball bearings that help to increase the number of times the spool rotates when the handle is rotated a single time. The ball bearing gives it a gear ratio of 6.3:1 which is a very high turning speed.

Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Reel

Editor Rating:

I consider this reel among the best reel I have ever come across in my fishing experience. I have interacted with many full time fishermen who love this model as it satisfies them in use. Buying this reel model you will enjoy these features:


This reel model is made of high-quality materials, and its body is made up of graphite. Graphite is a carbon composite, and it is extremely strong in its duties. The making material is light and thus the reel is easy to operate.

Braking System

The model is fitted with a magnetic brake system which enables the user to apply break brakes if he has noted of any fish around the reel.

6.4:1 Gear Ratio

The model has the above gear ratio which enables it to have a fast moving spool. This is facilitated by four bearings that are fitted unto it with only one clutch system.

120 Yards Line Capacity

This reel design is only traced to this model alone. The rod can fish out any fish at a distance of 120 yards away from the fisherman. This makes it possible to fish at longer distances.

KastKing Spartacus Baitcasting Reel

Editor Rating:

It is purely assembled with genuine parts that increase its performance. Make sure that you do not leave this reel on the next fishing trip you will undertake.

Resist Corrosion

Water may corrode the reel surfaces thus reducing the time it will be of service to you. Some fishermen prefer fishing in saltwater, and it may contain chemicals that may damage the reel, but the materials discourage any chemical reaction to take place.

Quality Handle

Handling of any device is very useful. The device has a great Aluminum handle that provides comfortable grip which enhances the control of the system.

Braking System

There is a range of 10 braking system which are easily operated. The braking system helps the user to reduce the speed systematically. The brakes are applied according to the situation at hand.

Ball Bearing

The device comes along with stainless bearing thus enabling the user continuously use the reel without the worry of rust accumulating around the bearing.

KastKing Royale Legend High Speed Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel

Editor Rating:

No matter your experiences and fishing conditions this is the best reel you. For the starters consider using this reel not that it's of low quality, but it has amazing features that provide high performance for you.

Easy And Reliable Braking System

The model is fitted with an easy and reliable braking system which will never fail at any given working condition. The magnetic dual brake system has ten adjustable braking systems which ensure that the brakes do not fail.


The reel is compact and light. It is designed in a low-profile design to fit in your hand or your storing case .This ensures that it fits in your carrying gear without taking a large space.

Comfortable Handle

The model is fitted with a durable handle grip. The handle is comfortable when holding thus it enables you dip and pull the reel with much ease.


Product prices always scare away potential buyer in the time of buying any particular product. This is different, the price of this product is about the services it will offer to you.

Piscifun Tuned Magnetic Brake System Low Profile Baitcaster Baitcasting Fishing Reel

Editor Rating:

Taking your fishing experience to the highest level, you only need this reel. It has been rated by professionals are the best. The following features make it unique.

13 Stainless Ball Bearing

The device is fitted with 13 ball bearing which resists corrosion. The ball bearing helps to improve the movement of the spool. The bearings reduce any friction that may be caused by spool thus reducing the rate of tear and wear.

Ultra-Light Handle

The model is designed with a light handle that will comfortably fit in your hands. The handle ensures that you will properly handle the device so as to fish with precision.

Strong Body

The reel is constructed with a strong nylon glass fiber body. The material discourages any corrosion to occur on the surface and also inside as it does not allow water to pass through it.

Clutch System

This reel model is engineered to fit a one-way clutch system to run a gear ratio of 6.3:1.The clutch system can properly run device smoothly.

Final verdict

If you have keenly gone through the above discussion am sure that you have identified the best bait caster reel that you need for your fishing trips.

All the above reel models have the capability to either fish large and strong fish or also small fish.

When I decided to start fishing, I had no clue on the best reel to buy. I used a different reel that gave me so much experience. The above reels did not just work, but they perfectly suited and worked for me.

They are affordable and fits your financial strength without much struggle. Purchase any of these reels, and you will enjoy your fishing escapades.

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