What are the Advantages of Fishing Reels?

When it comes to fishing, you do have a multitude of options to use when it comes to equipment. You can just use nets, for example. Others challenge themselves by fly fishing without using reels, such as with tenkara. But if you really want to learn about sand enjoy fishing, you need to use fishing reels.

The main advantage of fishing reels in general is that there are actually many different types to choose from. Each one has its own sets of advantages. Let’s take a look at why fishing reels (and different types of them) offer a special appeal for fishing enthusiasts:

1. You can use a fishing reel like a Spincast reel to introduce newbies to fishing. With certain kinds of reel like the Spincast, you can get newbies and even young children appreciate the joy of fishing.

The benefits of the Spincast include the fact that it is so easy to learn. The mechanics don’t require too much effort, and they are extremely simple. All you need to do if you’re a casual angler is push a button and flick your wrist. That gets your lure in the water, and you’re ready to get yourself some fish.

Also, it’s very inexpensive. You won’t have to bust your budget getting this type of fishing reel.


2. A spinning reel is also excellent for versatility. You can use it for many different types of tackle. With this, you can use live bait or artificial lures. It’s especially good for light tackle and bait because it just needs to pill the weight of the fishing line.

This is the most popular type of spinning reel, and another advantage to using it is that you can easily find lots of videos that offer tips on how to use it properly. If you’re going to go after small to medium sized fish like crappie, redfish, and bass, this is your reel.

With a high quality spinning reel, it may even be a better choice for young children and newbies than a Spincast. This will feature a trigger instead of the button you find in the Spincast reel, and pulling the trigger just needs their index finger.

The hand motion required for the trigger is actually more natural, this makes it more comfortable for them to use. Also, the trigger finger points to that spot where your newbie wants to place their lure or bait to go. This can really boost their control and accuracy.

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3. You can enjoy better accuracy and control with a baitcaster reel. This will require you to first acquire a lot of experience to using this, but then that’s part of the fun, right? it motivates you to learn and become better, and it’s part of challenging yourself.

But once you gain that experience over the baitcaster, you will find uncanny accuracy when you make your cast. You can really place your lure precisely where you want it to go.

Another advantage of the baitcaster is that you have the capability to suddenly stop your lure. This means that you can recover your lure quickly if you ever make a bad cast that goes for a snag.

Then there’s also the fact that with a baitcaster, you can deal with much stronger and much heavier types of lines. You’ll need lines like these when you’re targeting monstrous-sized fish or you’re fishing in an area with thick cover. One of the great joys of fishing is boasting about the size of the fish you caught, and you can get much heavier and more impressive fish with this kind of fishing reel.


4. For fly fishing, you can also use a fly reel to make it easier for you. Most of the time these are manual types, as automatic fly reels aren’t as popular anymore.

Modern fly reels are very simple, with a knob for the spool release and another for the drag adjustment. These things are typically ambidextrous so you can put the crank handle on the left or right side.

You generally have excellent disc-type drag systems that offer better adjustment range and range, plus it offers greater resistance to the high temperatures you get from drag friction.

Normally, you also get a large-arbor spool. This reduces line memory and you can maintain consistent drag. In case you hook a fish that suddenly turns towards you, the spool can help you retrieve the slack line much more quickly.


5. You literal have thousands of different reel options to choose from. What this means is that you can really pick the style of reel you want to suit your preferences and the kind of fish you want to go after. Every different type of reel offers a new kind of experience, and it’s often an exciting feeling learning about your new reel.


6. There are electric reels too. You use these on a boat with a motor that provides the power. With this type of reel, you can enjoy fishing even if you’re disabled or you only have one arm. It saves you a lot of effort when you’re cranking your fish, and yet it doesn’t diminish the thrill and the joy of catching fish. This means that you can even go after monster fish that you couldn’t handle before.


Finally, the drag system on an electric fishing reel give you a lot of stopping power, plus you get automatic line handling.

Fishing in all its forms is enjoyable and challenging. But for many, the perfect balance of enjoyment and difficulty is by using a fishing reel. Without it, it can be much too difficult—and that means it can be much less enjoyable as a result.

So use fishing reels when you’re fishing, and especially when you’re teaching kids and newbies about the joy of fishing. You won’t get them to enjoy the experience without a fishing reel. Heck, even when you’re an experienced angler, continue using fishing reels—save yourself the trouble and frustration of not using fishing reels at all.


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