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Best Fishing Reels 2017 Reviews and Buyer's Guide

I always find my way to the shore during my vacations since I find the environment much cooler from the busy downtown. From my visits, I have made friends with a licensed fisherman so from time to time we go fishing.

Since am a very inquisitive person, I sought to find out more about fishing reels as I have discovered they bring more convenience, ease of use and overall performance.

The genesis of my vast knowledge in fishing is rooted from experience and research. Fishing reel were first made in England in 1650 but have undergone gradual improvements with the fast changing technology. Our modern day fishermen have a lot to smile about as their work has been made easier and fun.

The Best Fishing Reels 2017 - Comparison

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Introduction To The Best Fishing Reels of 2017

A fishing reel is a cylindrical device (for streamlining) attached to a fishing rod used in winding. It has a brake to slow down running fish and a handle to retrieve line for accuracy and a bracket to fasten the fishing reel to the rod.

From your hunt for your ideal reel, you will notice and concur with me that one brand with several varieties denoted by numerals such as 200, 600, etc. this is because they differ in the capacity which dictates the physical size of the reel.

If you intend fish in deep waters for larger and stronger fish, the appropriate model could be a larger reel that has a more drag force.

The thrill about using a fishing reel is that it provides more power to bring the fish from deep waters saves you from cranking, greater drag power, ease of use and I wonder who would not enjoy pulling and fighting with the fish.

My main focus in this article is to share out my knowledge on some top rated fishing reels used professionally as I will at length analyze below:

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Fishing Reel

The wide variety of fishing reel may make your selection somewhat tedious especially if you have very little knowledge of the products. I have tried to list some major consideration you need to take into account before buying the best fishing reel:

Type Of Reels

There are three major classifications which are: a spinning reel that are either made of aluminum or graphite spool for strength and durability, a conventional reel which offers smoothness and precision of the spin and has a drag which can be tightened in small increments. Finally, is the bait caster reel similar to the latter but heavier and can stand up big fish.

Gear Ratio

This refers to the number of revolutions the spool makes with each complete turn of the reel handle. They determine how rapidly line is retrieved as the angler cranks the handle. Reels may have gear ration that may range from 2-1 or 3-1 for slow retrieve and 4-1 to 6-1 for high-speed retrieve. The higher range is better in working lure and gaining line quickly when a fish charges towards the boat.

Ball Bearings

Artistically placed within the reel for smoothness, support, and stability. Sealed stainless steel ball bearings are popularly preferred over the bushings because of excellent smoothness it has. Newer models have several ball bearings, the higher the number of ball bearings the higher the efficiency and vice versa.

Casting Controls

Casting CoThese easy to operate controls determine how fast or slow the spool spins when casting. There is the in built direct drive and the anti-reverse drive that allows the line to pay out while the handle remains stationary when casting. These controls help in maximizing the distance and minimize backlash.ntrols

Balance And Stability

The reel you choose should have a good equilibrium of both internal and external forces without swaying side to side. Make sure the reel feels smooth and solid when you turn the handle. If you notice a wobble, it's an indicator of poor balance and should be corrected. An anti-reverse function is paramount as it eliminates play in the reel for a more solid, positive hook sets.

Best Fishing Reels

Recommend Best Fishing Reels Reviews 2017

An overall best is hard to find since almost everything has a limitation as there is no perfection though we all aim at near perfection. I would not discriminate product to justify the functionality of the other since the products I will cover below are distinctly functional.

I would only advise you take your time in finding out which particular unit you want to work with from hence you can make a purchase.

1. Abu Garcia Orra Inshore Spinning Reel

Abu Garcia Orra Inshore Spinning Reel

Editor Rating:

The reel is made of aluminum reinforced C6 carbon body for strength, performance, and durability.

It's the ideal product you should have during your next fishing trip.

The following workable features characterize this version of a fishing reel:

Rocket Line Management System

Utilizes the new rocket spool lip design, altered bail angle and slow oscillations which is a unique combination that works wonders in improving the line trajectory through the stripper guide and reduce line contact with the rod.

Gear Ratio

Features a good range of 5.8 to 1, this is powerful meaning 5.8 revolutions can be quickly made in each complete turn of the reel handle. You can easily lure a fish charging towards the boat.

9 Ball Bearings

The unit has a reel with nine ball bearings for more support, stability, and smoothness. Most reels have 4 to 6 bearing, so this gives you more advantages comparable to the traditional models.


This Abu Garcia unit is compact for a solid grip even in wet hands and it very light which brings ease of use as the angler can comfortably push and pull the drag system.

2. Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel

Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel

Editor Rating:

Since its introduction to the market a while ago, this product has gained popularity thanks to its functionality.

It is among the best entry level reel for and good for people tight on budget. For its price these features will by far supersede your expectations:

Quick Set Anti Reverse

It gives you some spontaneous feel on the handle for any engagement. There is no handle back play and using the front or rear drive you can steer the boat quickly to the direction of the running fish. The reel allows you to catch fish despite any prevailing conditions.

Hydro Block Watertight Drag

The unit can be mounted at the top of the reel spool with a rubber gasket that blocks water and other foreign elements from the drag system. The drag has 6 stainless steel ball bearings and a roller bearing for smoothness, stability, and strength. This ensures that it gives you a good pressure drive and last long without going out of use.

Bait Feeding System

The rear drag can be adjusted or tightened to make changes of the spool that can increase or decrease tension on the feeding fish when retrieving. Besides, you can switch from the bait feeder to main drag using the auto trip on / off control.


With the corrosion resistant graphite body and the rigid die cast aluminum anodized handle, the reel remains of use to you for long. In addition to the great construction work the reel has a one-year factory warranty on material and technical breakdown.

3. Abu Gracia Black Max Low Profile Reel

Abu Gracia Black Max Low Profile Reel

Editor Rating:

Abu Gracia model never disappoints in great performance. This particular model has been modified.

To deliver exceptional strength and convenient use in high demanding situations. Here are its super amazing features:

Smooth Operation

For this to be achieved it through the successful, harmonious functioning of the 4 stainless steel ball bearings, roller bearing, and the high-end drag system. This results in smoothness and precision of the spinning reel.


The duragear brass gear has been designed to offer extended life to the unit. The stainless steel ball bearings do not rust hence ages gracefully. This gives you peace of mind with good performance for a lengthy period.

Brake System

Gives consistent brake pressure throughout the cast. Majorly utilized in the anti reverse drive in retrieving the line and slowing a running fish.

Good Stability

Enhanced by the ball bearings that allow smoothness and precision of the spinning reel and the aluminum spool that provides strength without making it bulky. Provides good balance require by anglers in fishing.

4. Daiwa Crossfire Front Drag Spinning Fishing Reel

Daiwa Crossfire Front Drag Spinning Fishing Reel

Editor Rating:

This is a compact, lightweight and durable product, developed to inspire your passion for fishing with great gear ratios, line capacity, and drag pressure.

The following amazing features give this unit a lifetime commitment to better performance and longevity:

Micro-Click Front Drag Adjustment

Works collaterally with the powerful brake system in steering, making controls and engaging a fish in any direction to catch more fish an advantage to the fisherman even in deep waters. Helps slow down a running fish making it helpless for better and seamless catching

Four Bearing System

Comprises of 3 stainless steel ball bearings and a single roller bearing for smoothness and precision of the spinning reel.

Unique Folding Handle

A dynamic design that incorporates a light, firm and nonslip handle even on wet hands. The sizes for the one-touch handle range from 2000 – 4000 and the standard handle 500 – 1000 sizes. This gives the unit a good line capacity and retrieval.

Gyro Spins Balanced Rotor

Uses a computerized balance equalizing system for convenience and stability so that the angler can comfortably lure and fight with the fish. It is very useful in standing up big fish and in the presence of waves or tactical conditions.

5. Pisfun Spinning Fishing Reel

Pisfun Spinning Fishing Reel

Editor Rating:

Technological advancement has made great strides in producing this innovation of a fishing reel that gives a stand out performance and durability.

The use of this reel any experienced fisherman will agree with me that this unit has come of age:


Uses the most preferred anodized aluminum spool because of more strength. Aluminum is light in weight making it very easy to use as it's comfortable to use even for long hours. However, this is not to say it will be ineffective it's highly reliable for deep waters fishing.


Features a heavy duty multi-disk drag system, a quick set anti reverse roller bearing, six ball bearings, great gear ration and line capacity all made to make the reel function much better and dependably.

Wide Variety

As I had earlier on stated in the introduction, this single model have very many version for all line capacities and different sizes for varying use. We have the GT500S, GT1000S, GT2000S, GT3000S, GT4000S, GT5000S, and GT6000s among others. The manufacturer is still working hard to improve and bring newer models.

Corrosion Resistant

The reel is made of well-refined materials, the graphite rotor is corrosion resistant for durability. Using in salty water body fishing is safe. It is backed up with a 100% money back guarantee; this is because the manufacturer knows it's the best you can ever get.

6. Shimano Spin Reel Clam

Shimano Spin Reel Clam

Editor Rating:

Available in three different make: the IX – 1000RC with a ratio of 4.1:1, the IX – 2000RC with a ratio of 4.1:1 and the IX – 4000RC with a ratio of 4.2:1.

You can never go wrong with this unit considering the value you get at the most affordable rate. The Shimano has the following easy to spot features;

Rear Drag

The angler can have some good pressure to push and pull the fish which make fishing more like fighting the fish which is fun. Has an infinite anti-reverse drive that allows the line to pay out while the handle remains stationary despite the turning.

Line Capacity

Has a line capacity of that can hold different fish regarding volume and weight subject to the casting controls. This creates the variation in small reels for shallow fishing and larger models for deep fishing.


The use of the reel is not limited to either fresh or salty water use. It can be used in any water body since the constructing materials are stainless steel hence does not rust, and the graphite is corrosion resistant.

Light Weight

The aluminum spool and the graphite frame, side plate and rotor are not so heavy. They weigh about 8.6 oz enough to handle big fish yet very light for long hours use.

7. Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

Editor Rating:

This version seems to enjoy the benefits of its predecessor the Penn Battle as it follows suit in line of popularity and market acceptance due to step up performance.

Here are the amazing features that challenge other units in use:

Five Ball Bearings

This is a great number to improve on the system's strength and stability. These ball bearings are sealed and stainless steel to avoid rust. The long run benefit to this is that it adds durability in salty waters by preventing water intrusion.

Drag Pressure

The reel has a dynamic design made of full metal body, side plate and graphite rotor that increases the drag pressure. The carbon fiber drag washer with HT-100 trademark and a usable S-curve oscillation system allows the use of both sides of washers. The maximum drag may be anything between 9 and 30 depending on the reel version.

Line Capacity Rings

This has gained a lot of dominance in most reel brands since manufacturers have realized this feature widely sells a fishing reel. A high capacity helps you catch more fish. Besides, the angler can be able to know how much line is left and how much is engaged.


In terms of selection, it can be overwhelming as for sure there may be critical decisions you need to make with a wide variety to narrow down from. Have a total of 8 sizes ranging from the lightest model with size 1000 to the heavier models of 4000.they also have different gear ratios starting from 5.2:1 to 6.2:1.

8. Pflueger President Spinning Reel

Pflueger President Spinning Reel

Editor Rating:

The president is a titanium coated reel for additional line protection for long running resilience and aggressive functionality that gives you unlimited casts.

Its boast about having the following exceptional features that rank it among the best:

10 Ball Bearings

Composed of 9 stainless steel ball bearings that are rust resistant and a single roller bearing. This helps achieve an incredible smoothness and precision of the spinning reel. Most units have 4 ball bearings and function really well, in relation to this version, it's unbelievably awesome. In addition, they are sealed to keep off water.

Corrosion Resistant Body

The side plates, rotor, main shaft and frame are made of durable heavy duty metal cover that neither rust nor get corroded meaning it will not get out of use fast. It's convenient for use both in fresh and salty waters.

High-End Specifications

You may find these specs incomprehensible but trust me they are really important as professional fishermen's feedback entails. Has a gear ratio of 5.2:1, maximum drag of 6 lbs, interchangeable retrieve, 20.7 inches per turn, a weight of 5.9 oz, a mono line capacity of 100/4 yd/lb and a braided line capacity of 125/6 yd/lb.


Comes with a one year limited factory cover on purchase to repair or replace defects in materials and craftsmanship at no cost. This gives you peace of mind in use and boosts your confidence in its quality. However, this is subject to laid down terms and conditions to curb abuse.

9. KastKing Royale Legend High-Speed Low Profile Bait casting Reel

KastKing Royale Legend High-Speed Low Profile Bait casting Reel

Editor Rating:

A smart and very advanced fishing reel to have ever been launched in the market. It will remain relevant for a long time since it strikes the best balance in smoothness, ease of use, automation, and durability.

It's easy to know your catch, understand the baits and the working lures you need to use, casting and catching fish. Here are the remarkable features that give premium performance:

High-Speed Precision Gear

This low profile aerodynamic design bait caster reel uses a powerful rotor drive that is computerized to slow a running fish. It's fast to steer the motor towards the fish without missing the catch. In case you feel the engagement of the hook and the fish escapes, you can run after it without the prey noticing at high speeds.

Brake System

A quality centrifugal brake system that can promptly make stops or speed up depending on the prevailing conditions. It determines how fast or slow the spool spins when casting. This product incorporates ten levels magnetic controls that can be adjusted or tightened with small increments for precision.

Aluminum Anodized Spool

Aluminum is preferred over the graphite because it's more durable and offers great strength. Aluminum is light so the overall weight of the reel remains good any fisherman or woman can handle. It maximizes on strength and stability with no handle wobble.

Gear Ratio

Refers to the number of revolutions the reel can make with each complete turn of the handle. Higher ratios imply more catch and vice versa. The Royale Legend with its great capacity and pressure drive has a 7.0:1. This is suitable for deep water fishing where the catch is large and voluminous.

Final Words

From the above-detailed review of the top of the game fishing reel, it gives me contentment for sharing this reliable piece of information.

This is not all about fishing reels, and there is much I would have written, but this is sincerely the valuable information you can get. I have considerably made you work much easier and on good grounds to make a decision on a purchase.

Each version of fishing reel is crafted to give you the best but is not perfect. This should be in whatsoever way bring the onset of worry or doubt; the advantages at great length outweigh the disadvantages.

Whichever model you decide to take to the shores with, trust me it great for use although it may require some learning curve.

Be keen on the specifications a brand may have several units; I always recommend acquiring the newer model since they have been greatly improved. Make you fishing more fun with more activity effortlessly. It should not go any other way apart from using this top reel.

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